Saturday, March 20, 2010

Project Spring!

Today I cut my hair.
And it is a fresh start, because today is the first day of spring.

And today is also the first day of Project Spring.

I am going to spend the entire season working on this project as a way of making my life the one I want it to be. I've had several realizations lately that this is my one life, and I better be living the way I want to be. So that haircut is the first of many steps. Project Spring is another step.

Project Spring will be broken down into three main components: Food, Literature, and Lifestyle. I will blog three times a week (at least!) about something from each of these categories. Project Spring will run from the first day of spring (today) until the last day of spring, at which point I will determine if I even like projects.

Food: I still love to cook, and I love that this blog started as a food blog. I will continue to cook and bake my little heart out. I will try one new recipe every week and blog about it. I will blog about kitchen fails or hot dogs or grocery store woes-- all the things I currently blog about-- but more consistently, because I will at least be trying one new recipe a week.

Literature-- I always imagined my days as a stay-at-home mom would be full of books and nothing else (oh, and kids) but, in reality, I surprisingly never read. I am going to start. I will write book, story, and essay reviews. Also, I will document some of my efforts in writing (the non-blog kind).

Lifestyle -- This is the big category. Each week I will focus on one lifestyle task, goal, change, etc. This could be anything from beginning an exercise regimen to establishing household organization techniques to decorating Bria's room or going on adventurous and exciting excursions. But I will find something each week that brings new insight, focus, and excitement to my life (and, ultimately, this blog).

Commence, Project Spring!


  1. I love Project Spring! And I love the new haircut!

  2. Oh my goodness, can I be on board too? You have just inspired me! I love this idea. And you're hair is super cute. I just cut mine too. I love chopping off my hair. Anyway. Yeah for Project Spring. I'm going to come up with my own Project Spring if you don't mind.