Friday, March 26, 2010

Courting and Cupcakes

Thanks to my friend Sarah, today Sam and I went on our first, real-live date since we moved here almost six months ago. I dropped Bria off to play and then went straight to the metro to pick up Sam. We spent the next hour wandering around Old Town Alexandria, mourning the sudden disappearance of spring, and enjoying our freedom. It's amazing how just a short time of un-child-interrupted talking and walking can be so rejuvenating. Plus, sometimes it's fun to pretend that Sam and I just started dating.

A picture of warmer times. Like on Wednesday:After dinner at King Street Blues, we headed back to pick up our full and happy Bria, played hide-and-seek at home (Bria loves to be scared), then sent her off to bed. We turned on a movie and then opened our treat. While walking through Old Town, we stumbled across Alexandria Cupcake and decided to pick up some dessert. They were nearing the end of their day, so they only had three kinds of cupcakes left: almond, vanilla bean with cocoa frosting, and coconut. We opted for the first two, and, I have to say, I think they were the best cupcakes I have ever had. That might sound dramatic, but I'm not kidding. I have been craving cupcakes lately (I even had one last week at a church activity, but it was dry and bland), but I haven't been able to justify making an entire batch for no reason. I often find the trouble with cupcakes to be that they all taste the same-- a tasty same, but same nonetheless. I was so happy when our respective cupcakes were full of unique flavor. And there was just the perfect amount of frosting. I am afraid this could become a new addiction.

A bad picture of the tasties:


  1. Oh cupcakes. I really like being able to buy one or two cupcakes. When I make cupcakes I end up giving them all away which is nice in its own way, but yeah--so many cupcakes.

    I remember you posting about the sweet-tooth fairy cupcakes, and guess what--there's a new cupcake place in Provo that's pretty good. In fact I like it a lot. They do some kind of gourmet stuff that ends up being pretty yummy.

    But, they have too much icing. I couldn't tell from the picture because I'm kind of blind--how much icing is the perfect amount of icing? Because if our tastes align, I might have to fly out there or something.

    And I'm glad you two got to go out.

  2. I've been so into cupcakes lately- I've experimented and made KeyLime Cupcakes, pineapple upside down cupcakes, Cherry Chocolate Cupcakes, and Churro Cupcakes. I have cheated a bit and bought the book called, "101 Courmet Cupcakes in less then 10 min". I can't wait for the new cupcake store to open in Draper- it will be so fun to go on a date there.

  3. I feel like you should have a nice taste of frosting with every bite. But the cupcake to frosting ratio should be 3:1 at the most. Although, better too much frosting than too little, since you can always scrape some off. But I think sweet tooth fairy was entirely too much frosting.