Thursday, March 11, 2010


1. Avocados (still)

2. This recipe

3. The warm spring weather (and the subsequent hours spent outside everyday and a trip to the zoo)

4. Nutella shakes every night

5. Counting down the days until I go to NYC with my mom and sisters (61!)

6. Bria stroking my hair saying "so pretty. so pretty."

7. Planning hypothetical vacations to Europe

8. These pillows (annie, some day I will order one.)

9. Organic pea shoots (from Trader Joe's) on my turkey, pastrami, and swiss cheese sandwiches for lunch

10. Warm spring weather. Yep, I'm saying it again.


  1. that salad looks tasty, i've been wanting to try quinoa. also, what does one put in a nutella shake? (besides nutella, of course)

  2. just milk and ice cream. soooo delicious.