Monday, March 29, 2010

Pizza, pressure, and projects

It's no news that Pioneer Woman is wonderful, but this pizza. Oh, this pizza. It transcends into new levels of wonder and delicious glory. I made it twice in the last week. And it's my new favorite pizza dough.

And I took a picture of it, but blogger won't upload my picture right now (even though it said it did), so I think there's no picture in this post. Or there could be two. Who knows? Anyway. Go make that pizza. It's delicious.

On that note, no. I did not finish my spring cleaning. I'm not going to lie, I didn't even really start it. I work well under pressure and deadlines, but, unfortunately, I think my own self-made deadlines don't create the pressure I thought they did. That's one hard thing about staying at home. There aren't the kind of deadlines you get at work or in school. It's good and bad, really, to have such little structure-- good if you can figure out how to create your own structure and motivate yourself with invisible deadlines, and bad if you can't.
When Bria was first born, and I was trying to carve my own niche, I said to myself over and over, "I can do whatever I want with my time!" but my tone of voice went back and forth between excitement and dread. I've gotten a lot better at creating structure and purpose to my days, but that doesn't mean I always get things done (like spring cleaning) the way I want to.
For my next project (though I'm not giving up on spring cleaning) I am going to take a smaller bite, I think. I tend to dream big and overwhelm myself, so I am going to try something more manageable this week. This week will be more enjoyable too-- I am going to make this Easter Week-- with lots of small, fun projects like dyeing eggs and things. Oh, that is so much better than spring cleaning.


  1. dude! brown sugar. why didn't we think of that? that recipe is almost identical to ours. (sans the sugar.)

  2. The only thing that truly motivates me to do the deep spring cleaning is a visit from the in-laws. Yes, they are arriving today. And yes, my house is spotless. And yes, I'm exhausted.

  3. I agree with Sarah Black. So you should have someone visit once a month.