Monday, March 8, 2010

Homemade Wheat Thins

I saw a recipe for wheat thins the other day and decided to give it a go. I often eat cheese and crackers for an afternoon snack, so this was a great way to try something new, save a little money, and ingest fewer preservatives and chemicals. Perfect!

(pre-bake. you can see it was hard to get all the flour off the dough, but it didn't end up being a problem. also, this batch had several oddly-shaped wheat thins, but that is just one joy of baking at home.)

The dough is simple enough: flour, salt, sugar, butter, milk. (I did follow the suggestions from this follow up post as well, which I think facilitated the process.) It comes together easily, although the rolling and cutting part is slightly tedious. I had to bake the wheat thins in three batches to accommodate all the dough, though I wouldn't necessarily recommend cutting the recipe in half because then you wouldn't get as many crackers at the end.

(post-bake, batch 3. I forgot to poke holes in them, but they turned out just fine-- and pretty!)

Bria thoroughly enjoyed the process (she ate several fistfuls of flour):

The result was that I thought the crackers were way too sweet. I would probably reduce the sugar to just over 1/4 cup and slightly increase the salt. (Speaking of which, sprinkling the thins with salt before you bake them is mandatory.) I used more milk than the recipe called for, and I also highly recommend working in small batches, since the dough (or at least my dough) split, tore, and stuck when I moved it from counter to pan. They were fun to make, and I will probably make them again. And, they are great dipped in cream cheese mixed with a little taco seasoning (thanks for that idea, pauline!).


  1. Oh how great is this?! I'm so glad you tried this, as I wanted to back in Spokane, but after a diaster trying to make my own graham crackers decided not to go ahead with the wheat thins. This gives me a renewed desire. mmmm I want to make some now. (Except my mother-in-law doesn't have a mixer and mine is packed away. This greatly hinders my cooking/baking abilities.)

  2. This picture of Bria is incredible.