Thursday, March 25, 2010

Project Spring Week One

When I was planning out the weekly projects for Project Spring, I knew the first week had to be a deep spring cleaning of our tiny apartment. Because, let's face it-- the top of my fridge,

this bookcase,

and this desk

are no longer acceptable.

I made long, lengthy, overly-ambitious lists, dividing our apartment into five zones. I delegated each zone to one week day, then wrote down every. single. thing. I wanted to do to get this apartment all clean and ready for spring.

Um. Yeah.

Haven't done a single thing.

I've actually been a little busy lately. We have our weekly play group and music group. I "played volleyball" on Tuesday (now THAT was a joke!), and Sam started a new work schedule where gets home early in the day. Plus, we've been enjoying the spring weather by going to gravelly point to watch the planes land

and running around Old Town with my dear old friend amanda. (I was trying so hard to keep my eyes open. this was the best I could do.)

But one point of Project Spring is to learn a little balance in my life. I go through busy spurts, but then when things settle back down, I forget how to be a real human sometimes. So I need to work on still getting the cleaning and other projects done even when I'm busy. (I'm hoping Project Spring helps a little with my addiction to procrastination.) So, off I go to conquer my spring cleaning. I will get it done this week so I am all ready for next week's project-- I just might be scrubbing the bathroom floor at 11:59 pm on Saturday.


  1. i think nice weather is a good excuse to not do things you originally planned on doing. at least, that is what i keep telling myself. also, i think the picture of the desk depicts your life well: 800 bottles of lotion

  2. Well, if it makes you feel any better, I've also been seriously neglecting my spring cleaning and our very small apartment needs it badly too. And I told myself once my thesis was done I'd be a model teacher. However I still haven't graded the papers my students turned in three weeks ago. Procrastination would appear to be our mutual friend. Good luck!

  3. I LOVE that first picture of Bria. What a personality!