Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Try Some of Column A; Try All of Column B

I forgot to mention another thing we dipped in chocolate, and I feel it is important to right my wrong.

Cream Puffs.

On a whim at Costco, Sam and I splurged on a box of 90 cream puffs. Dipped in chocolate? Divine. I also may or may not have given Bria two cream puffs for dinner on Monday night.

Today is my last full day in Provo, and I'm trying to decide if there is anywhere else I want to hit up. I mean, I can list several places, I'm just trying to decide whether my bank account and my waistline can take it. Because I'm also headed into a weekend vacation with my sisters. We're going to Caputo's, so you can expect a full report on chocolate and cheese. We're making sorbet, I'm thinking of making bouchons au thon (inspired by this book [by the creator of Orangette] I'm currently reading) with my leftover gruyere from fondue, and I'm bringing up a special surprise treat as well. So I won't be lacking good food over the next couple days.

I'll be back tomorrow night to report on the success of the surprise treat (with pictures!).

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  1. Hey, awesome blog! Sorry I haven't been here before. I didn't jump on the band wagon when you first talked about it, and then I couldn't find it. It's my own fault, I have NO IDEA how to spell ganache. Well, I guess I do now. Luckily Calixta is a good friend and has a link on her blog. Anyways, very cool stuff! I'll be back often. I hope you'll do some easy stuff for the lazy cookers like me :)