Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cheese Fries (Oh How I Love Thee!)

Today was Bria Mangum Grump Fest 2009 sponsored by a 6:20 wake-up time, two short naps, a new molar, and the irrationality of one year-olds everywhere. What fun we've had!
I actually got to miss a chunk of Grump Fest when I snuck out to go to the doctor and Williams-Sonoma with my mom. So, lucky me! But poor Sam, who also got up with her at 6:20 while I slept on until 7:30, has been subjected to Bria Mangum Grump Fest 2009 all day.
Around 3:30, Grump Fest had reached its peak, and The Grump was threatening to become a family-wide affair. We were all tired and a tad hungry, so we decided to indulge in a snack. Hitting up yet another Utah-unique restaurant, we gorged ourselves on some famous Training Table cheese fries.
Oh, cheese fries. The greasiness. The cheesiness. The crunchy-exterior-with-a-soft-interior-ness. Despite the title of my blog, I must admit I am partial to cheapo food like cheese fries. And I am a big fan of Training Table's fry sauce (barbecue and mayo rather than the typical ketchup and mayo). Oh, how I will miss fry sauce! With a HUGE diet coke, Grump Fest turned into Fun Fest. (This fun was enhanced by changing a dirty diaper on a changing mat on the floor near our booth. Hey-- if you don't put a changing station in your bathroom, I will turn your entire restaurant into my personal changing table.)

1 comment:

  1. HA! I love it!
    I also love cheese fries at the training table.
    So greasy, so cheesy, so good to me.