Monday, June 8, 2009

A Date: Sammy's and Sundance

Saturday ended up being a perfect day. We spent most of the day packing in Bria's room, Bria and Sam both took two naps, and we got some good cleaning done as well. Saturday night, Elisa came over to watch Bria so Sam and I could have a night on the town. Earlier in the day, I wanted to make cookies, because, well, I always want to make cookies. So Bria and I took a special post-nap trip to the grocery store to buy eggs. (By the way, I am so disappointed Target has raised their price of cage-free, organic eggs from $1.19 to $3.79. Now I have to feel guilty for dishing out the dollars just for eggs!) So the short list of eggs turned into cereal, pretzels (which Bria thought were hilarious to munch on while strolling through Target), tiny Bria-sized socks, Drano, parmesan cheese . . . but what else is Target for if not to make you remember everything you want/need?
So, I made cookies. And then I kept forgetting that Sam and I were going out for dinner in an hour and I ate cookie after cookie after cookie. Add a glass of milk and I was starting to feel sick. But I took that hour and spun it into enough recovery time that by the time we reached Sammy's for dinner, I was ready. Sam and I are hitting up all our favorite places before we fly the Provo coop in two weeks. Sammy's is just off Center Street on 100 W. The first couple times I saw it, it seemed an odd place. The outside looks lovely, but it just seemed like this random place touting its "Famous Pie Shakes." How are they famous if I've never heard of them? But then I read about Sammy's on Your Heart Out, and I decided to try it. Oh joy. Oh rapture. Famous Pie Shakes Indeed.
I went with my favorite: the Promo with regular fries and a chocolate oreo cream pie shake. I was nearly devastated because I was too full to finish (blast those cookies!). Even though the service is always slow, it is worth the wait, since you know they are making your burger specifically for you. They dress the burger in front of your very own eyes, and you can see the walls stacked with boxes of fresh tomatoes, avacadoes, and other vegetation. The reassurance that everything you are eating is fresh is delightful. Plus, when I received my burger last night, it had such ragged edges I started to think maybe even my patty was crafted by hand in the back. Whether that is actually true, I don't care. I will continue to think it and love Sammy's all the more for it.
Back to those Famous Pie Shakes. What-- you don't know what a pie shake is? Take a plastic cup (made from corn and therefore 100% compostable), put some ice cream in it, slap an entire piece of pie in it, and blend it up. What's not to love? There are bits of crust and chunks of unblended pie, oh my stomach is growling for another one. The cheesecake pie shakes are plain, new york style cheesesake pieces blended with fresh fruit of your choice. Now tell me you don't want one.
Even though I said the service is a bit slow, I want you to know that the service is simultaneously excellent. Every time we've gone, the people working there seem thrilled to be working. It seems that they feel their calling in life is to make you the burger of your dreams. Awesome.
We rounded out the night by heading up to Sundance for a full moon lift ride. One weekend a month, Sundance runs their ski lift from 9-11 pm for riders to enjoy the splendid view. It was positively breathtaking-- and a little bit spooky. It gets quite chilly up in the mountains (luckily we were forewarned and donned sweatshirts and a blanket). It was the perfect way to end the day.

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