Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Return

If there were one lesson I am in dire need of learning right now, it would be that of Being Happy In The Present. The weather in DC is 100% perfect right now: bright skies, mid-70s, occasional breezes. It is SPRING in its most perfect form. But it's all I can do to fear the heat. I know it's only a matter of time before I'm sweating 24 hours a day and my hair quadruples in size and turns into something resembling the spawn of a tumbleweed and a rat's nest. Please, don't be jealous. But amid the fear and the frantic, frizzy ponytails, there is a promise of something more. And to remind me of the glory of summer foods, we have the return of Fretalian Night.
Fretalian Night was invented last year when Bria and I would visit the farmer's market every Wednesday in Old Town. We would pick up a baguette, tomatoes, basil, and strawberries and then swing by Trader Joe's for some brie on our way home. Dinner was whipped up in no time once we returned home. Brie and bread for the French half and bruschetta for the Italian half of Fretalian Night. The strawberries round it out for the perfect light summer meal.
So am I concerned about how I will survive another summer? Incredibly. But is it a price I am willing to pay for the abundance in fresh berries and basil and tomatoes? Of course.


  1. Sounds delightfully delicious. I need your bruschetta recipe!

  2. Wait. There's a farmers market in Old Town on Wednesday? I thought it was only on Saturdays. I could eat bread and cheese for every meal. I'm definitely trying to embrace this perfect weather and fearing the arrival of humidity. And mosquitos.

  3. Have you read "My life in France"? I'm reading it now...slowly, so that I can eat it up. It literally makes my mouth water the way Julia Child talks about food... Kind of like this blog! :)

  4. I second the request for the bruschetta recipe.