Monday, May 9, 2011

NYC Take Four: In Which I Apparently Wish I Were Joanna Goddard

This is it! The last food from our trip worthy of mentioning.
Sunday afternoon we wandered around Chelsea and into Greenwich Village, where we saw this Van Leeuwen's ice cream truck, and I remembered it from a Cup of Jo post that briefly mentioned the husband-wife duo behind the ice cream (talk about romance!).
We decided to come back and find the truck after lunch-- little did we know the walk was way longer than we expected, so it was looking like no ice cream for us, until! . . . they sold little pints of the stuff where we got lunch. Destiny!
Oh yeah, but lunch. In fact, it was in another Cup of Jo post recently about a meat and cheese shop that seemed to fantastic to pass up. So we walked to Murray's Cheese and it was every bit as delightful as I hoped. I stared at these pastas and just drooled and dreamed. This is my heaven.

After I had my fill of eye-feasting, we ordered some custom sandwiches. A hot Reuben for Sam, and a cold Frenchie for me (that would be brie, jambon, dijon, and cornichons).
After sitting and talking and people-watching for quite a while, we realized we were already late to our Mets game in Brooklyn (vs. the Nats!), so we were off at a run to our last activity of the trip. Le sigh.


  1. Yum! ...what are cornichons?

  2. they're like pickles, very much like unto gherkins. they actually weren't my fave part of the sandwich, but no matter. cornichons!