Friday, May 13, 2011

Of the United States of Pizza-Eaters

If I had to choose one single type of food to eat every day for the rest of my life, pizza would put up a good fight for my number one choice, so I'm lucky there are so many places to go in the area. I'm on a (not super-concentrated) mission to try all the pizza places in the DC area and last weekend we finally made it over to We, The Pizza-- another Spike Mendelsohn creation next to Good Stuff Eatery on the Hill.
Besides the fact that the name simply tickles me pink, that is some solid pizza. We shared the Fresh Buffalo Mozz and Roasted Tomato Pie, which, to me, was perfect. It was the kind of thing where you wish you weren't so full because you want to keep eating piece after piece after piece. A large pizza is the perfect size to share with friends, leaving just enough room to head next door for Good Stuff shakes when you're done. It's possible you'll order your shakes and begin waiting. You'll wait and wait and wait. Maybe you'll ask several times when they'll be ready and after 50 minutes you'll finally demand your shakes NOW. You will then be offered a refund, which you will accept and proclaim No Harm, No Foul because them shakes are so tasty. An additional possibility is you will learn that Saturday night on Capitol Hill (or anywhere) is a bit crazy, but the pizza (and shakes!) are worth it. Pizza is always so worth it.


  1. This post fills me with jealousy.

  2. i love that roasted tomato pie. i could eat it all day long.