Monday, May 9, 2011

NYC Take Two: In Which I Die and Go to Heaven

Finally! Back to NYC posts!

On Saturday (the 9th), we saw the matinee of How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying (starring Daniel Radcliffe!), which was phenomenal, and afterward, we went out for my Fancy Schmancy Birthday Dinner. I had been eager to try one of Bobby Flay's restaurants, so we decided on Mesa Grill. And, you guys? Sam and I have never made a better decision in our six years of togetherness.
(look at us! we're basking in the glow of a choice well made.)

The wait was short, and even though the space was small, it felt spacious and uncrowded. And like any good meal, it started with bread. A plain roll, a jalapeno blue corn muffin (that was actually half yellow/half blue), and some other herbed roll that I wish times a million I had asked what it was. Tarragon? Lime? Mystery spice of the heavens? It was out of this world. Sam and I nearly inhaled the basket.

When we were glancing over the menu, nothing was catching my eye at first. Then I had this realization that I was at Bobby Flay's restaurant-- so probably I could do no wrong. And I ordered the New Mexican Spice Rubbed Pork Tenderloin with a bourbon-ancho chili sauce and a sweet corn tamale with crushed pecan brown butter. I'm not sure I've ever ordered pork in a restaurant before, so I didn't really know what to expect. It was outrageously tender with the perfect blend of spices. I just sat in silence with my eyes closed after each bite, soaking it all in.
Sam had the Spice Rubbed Bison Filet with corn and ancho chili sauces and crispy red onion. The only report I received was "probably one of the best steaks [he's] ever eaten." I don't really do bison, but it sure looked fancy.

Nothing has ever epitomized more fully the phrase "last, but not least" than our dessert. We chose the Deep Dish Banana Cream Pie with praline wafer and hazelnut brittle. It was a giant bowl full of banana pudding, then freshly whipped cream, fresh bananas, and then the wafer on top. All I can say is, if it hadn't been such a nice place, I would have literally licked the bowl clean.

I know I am loose with superlatives, but I mean this in all seriousness: this was in the top three meals of my life. And I don't take that lightly.


  1. I loved reading through all your NY posts. It all sounds delicious. I'm so glad you had a top three meal! How exciting!

  2. Ah, I love best meals ever. Why do they have to be so far away? From one foodie to the next, this was fantastic. I need to drive the 3 1/2 hours to Vegas to one of Bobby's restaurants NOW!