Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tasty Links Tuesday

Lots of times I find recipes around the interwebs that I love and want to share with you, so in a new (sure-to-be-sporadic) series, here are some tasty links:

This dish, this pasta with baked tomato sauce, is what inspired me to start sharing some links. I made this for just my own lunch last Friday, and I almost died. I made it in my Le Creuset, and, as I am wont to do, I made it with extra bread crumbs and cheese. Basically, if a recipe calls for bread, cheese, any kind of sauce, or chocolate, you can pretty much guarantee I will double what it calls for. I'm just indulgent like that.

Remember how last summer I was obsessed with all things Orangette? Well, here is my all-time favorite post on Orangette. It includes the recipe for my favorite cookie dough, and it also includes heirloom tomato bread salad, which I made for lunch on Sunday-- again, just for myself. I made Sam get his own lunch, which ended up being cheddar cheese melted on plain penne pasta, poor guy. Usually I am a nice, caring, food-sharing wife. But not this time, and I'm not even sorry. Also, I should state that I grated a little parm cheese on top, because, well, like I said: if I can add cheese to something, I will.

And, lastly, these are the essentials to my favorite stir fry. This recipe taught me what to do with tofu! So exciting. And, one more time, you shouldn't be surprised that I always double the sauce. Also, while this recipe is so, so, so delicious as is, I rarely make it with bok choy anymore, because it tends to be a little pricey, so I make it with broccoli. And carrots instead of mushrooms, because I think mushrooms are gross. (Gasp!)


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