Monday, July 13, 2009

Review: A Homemade Life

Oh I've so been meaning to post about that Denver Chocolate Pudding Pie. But every time I think to do it, I'm upstairs, the cookbook is downstairs . . . one of these times, I swear.
But I finished A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg. Friends, I cannot tell you how happy that book made me. Molly is a fantastic writer and I gobbled up every sentence. She writes with such fluidity and grace. She has a very strong voice and vision, and I was constantly coveting her writing style. Every recipe I wanted to try, mostly because of the she talked about it. It was like every recipe was this precious gem she wanted to share with you because you are such dear friends. After finishing, I took a bunch of post-its and marked all the recipes I want to try: vanilla-black pepper ice cream, pickled grapes with cinnamon and pepper . . . oh I can't wait. And I am attempting her chana masala tonight.
I highly recommend this book. And for my current situation, it was perfect. Each recipe is preceded by a short (2-3 page) vignette. It worked out just right for me to be able to read a snippet here or there without feeling like I was interuppting my reading or my parenting. I will further report on other tried recipes in the future. Until then, continue to wait patiently for the denver chocolate pudding pie recipe.

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  1. I put this book on hold at my library. Hopefully it'll be in when I get back from Vaca. We want to see you, hopefully next monday or tuesday. Let me know if you'll be around.

    Love your blog