Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Every day I dream of living in my own place again and I dream of the kitchen. I imagine granite counter tops extending for miles, an oversized kitchen sink, a huge and fancy fridge, and cupboards and drawers and shelves galore. The mind can dream, but there are some things I know I'll get in my next kitchen, and those are some gadgets sitting in a storage unit in Provo right now that I miss dearly.

Firstly, my Henckel knives. Oh how I miss them-- the way they slice through onions like a hot wire through butter. They're beauties.

My cheese grater. Silly, right? It's been several weeks since I grated cheese, and before that, I was using my mom's ancient cheese grater that belonged to my grandma. Seriously. I never thought I would miss my cheese grater.

My Le Creuset. I want to make soups and stews and sauces and casseroles and all sorts of autumnal fares. Plus, it's beautiful, and I like to just stare at it.

My butter bell. I really enjoy toast, as do Bria and Sam. And I like my butter to be cool and fresh, but spreadable. Oh I miss unsalted butter on toast with homemade jam. mmmmm.

Some day we will be reunited. Some day.

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