Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Salivating in Rememberance

I think it's imperative to discuss the culinary delights of Matt's birthday party on Friday night. When I learned of the party, my mind starting spinning at all the possibilities. I settled on three recipes from my obsession. What, you don't remember? A Homemade Life guys. I shouldn't have to say it again. (P.S. Orangette is BACK! I'm dying with joy.)

I made the Winning Hearts and Minds cake twice last week once for random fun, and another time for the party. A delectable flourless chocolate cake/torte. Oh it is so rich. And there are only five ingredients. Chocolate (not cocoa), sugar, butter, eggs, and flour-- all of 1 tablespoon of flour. The flavor is so deep I couldn't even eat an entire piece, which is shocking. At Matt's party, people would ask me what it was, and I would say, "it's a rich chocolate flourless cake." A couple times people would say, "like a brownie?" and I would reply "no." simple as that, no explanation, as if I wouldn't lower myself to further explanation. Please. A brownie? Flourless cakes everywhere are insulted.
Ok, but my one confession is that I have no idea if that cake was baked all the way through. I mean, I guess it doesn't matter, because it was delicious and no one died of salmonella, but I still feel a bit unsettled.
Also, the batter is so delightfully gelatinous from all the eggs. I wanted to swim in it. Unfortunately, the only picture I have is this:

Though I do love the weirdness of that picture.

Also, I made little corn cakes with bacon, tomato, and avacado (it was like I was reproducing Molly Wizenberg's wedding menu . . . ahh, if only). When I read about the corn cakes, I was imagining things shaped rather like miniature hockey pucks. These were like pancakes. But made from corn. Hence, corn cakes. So that really threw me off for a bit, and I overcooked the first batch. But once I realized the beauty and genius of it, they turned out lovely. And once assembled, they were beautiful! So artistic. (Alas, I forgot to photograph them.) It was this perfect little disk with these gorgeous little wisps of color. And the flavors were fantastic. A perfect medley. The bacon. The avacado. The tomato. The basil. The mayonnaise. The corn cake. Oh man. It was heaven. (though I did substitute fresh tomato for the roasted ones in the recipe. I liked it this way, and it saved me time.)

And lastly. The macaroons. *Cue Angel Chorus.* I showed them off to everyone. And they were so delicious. And so beautiful! I was in awe. They were so fun to make, even though the recipe scared me just a little bit. And I felt like the fact that they were coconut macaroons with chocolate ganache was so lovely, because it my first time making ganache since the inception of this blog. So, Blog: I dedicate this recipe to you. Don't they look fantastic?


Now after the party (which also featured fried artichoke, bacon, cheese balls; a cheese platter; and sausage, basil, artichoke, bell pepper skewers; and a DQ ice cream cake among other things) I am dying to throw a dinner party. It might be a while before it gets to happen, but I am already planning.

Lastly, Sam was finally reunited with me for a couple days, so thank goodness we got to go together, and he also snapped the pictures of the macaroons and the cake.


  1. Hm, now this is all well and good, but I don't see any recipes on here for these treats, and that's just not right--to see those macaroons and know I can never have them?! For shaaame. Haha.

  2. Oh wow. I want to try everything. Those cookies look incredible!!!
    (Please can I come to a dinner party??)