Saturday, May 15, 2010


1. When I packed for NYC, I wanted to be prepared for any of my walking needs, so I packed five pairs of shoes. I came home with ten. (I also added three purses and a wallet to my collection.)

2. As the only one who didn't come from another time zone, I think I actually adjusted to my West Coast family's inner clocks. This morning when my sister Whitney's alarm went of at 5 am (after going to bed after 1 am), I found myself extremely disoriented, so, naturally, I elbowed her in the face.

3. A culinary list: wasabi coconut crusted salmon, cheese tortellini in a lobster cream sauce, avocado parmesan and pine nut sandwich, sweet potato rum raisin ice cream

4. Outrageous, self-given makeovers at Sephora in Times Square, where an ex-NYPD/wannabe actor/Sephora employee accurately guessed our ages.

And can I just say that New York is huge? I don't think anyone could ever run out of things to do there. I am already trying to think of a way to go back (and take Sam with me).


  1. Don't worry, my eye has recovered at least 90%.
    I want to see photos of your dishes, even though I was there for every single one!
    Hooray for New York- I can't wait to go back, too.
    Love you!