Tuesday, May 11, 2010

blogging is better than packing

I am off for the rest of the week for a trip to NYC with my mom and sisters (no husbands! no kids!). You better believe I have a list a mile long of places I want to eat. Probably my sisters will all want to do cultural or touristy or sisterly things and I'll be lagging behind saying, "wait! I want to go to the eighty-second bakery on my list!!"

And I'll leave you all with a link to a fantastic spring salad. I ate it twice this weekend, and it is absolutely delightful (particularly when accompanied by a baguette and some brie). Now, I'd better go pack . . .


  1. Mmmm. That looks very similar to my favorite salad from Cosi. Have fun in New York! Can't wait to hear about the food adventures.

  2. If the NYC bakery by the name of Baked happens to be on your list of bakery stops, would you try the sweet and salty cake and let me know what it's like? (Just kidding. That's a big request.)

    Eating is the way to go. Don't let anyone dissuade you.

  3. So I made this salad for a neighborhood block party tonight and there wasn't any left to take home. It was fabulous! Thanks for sharing.