Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Feliz Cinco De Mayo! (whatever you need to tell yourself to justify eating what you want)

Just over a week ago, this girl turned two:
On Saturday we threw her a party, and, as a result, I went on a serious guacamole binge.
I have to credit Sam for the guacamole, because he came up with a combination I really love. Now, I will eat (and love!) nearly any avocado concoction called guacamole, but I am really loving Sam's simple combination of avocados, garlic, lime, and kosher salt.

For the batch I am currently devouring--
I used two avocados, one finely-minced garlic clove, one who lime, and one pinch of kosher salt. Mashed roughly with a fork (I like some chunks of avocado), I am inhaling it like oxygen on some Costco organic tortilla chips. A delightful snack, if you ask me. Incredibly tasty, and I'll call it healthy too, since it is natural, has protein, and lots of those good kinds of fat or whatever to feed my growing brain. Right? Plus, it's festive. For Cinco de Mayo. I'm cultural like that.

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  1. oh my goodness.... i'm just sayin' you are FABULOUS. you shine your delightful ways and wit through words in blogging. that is definately not my talent so i'm admiring yours. i forgot about posh ganache and haven't read it for a couple months so i've been spending my spare moments at work catching up. courtney, you're adorable. i've ENJOYED it much. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!