Friday, January 8, 2010

Would Be Nices

I really do like New Year's Resolutions. I like the symbolic fresh start the new year offers so that, while I do try to improve throughout the year, I can put the past year behind me and start anew. Maybe I like new years too much, because I get to a point where I think everything should be a resolution. Clearly, if I accumulated nine hundred resolutions I would end up keeping approximately none of them. I narrowed down my resolutions to a few key things I want to work on, and I put them on the fridge, but there are also some other ideas I have about this year-- things that would be nice.
So, here is a list of my 2010 Would Be Nices.
1. Read a new book every month (I can't believe I don't even read that much right now. It's sad.)
2. Try a new recipe every week
3. Go on a DC adventure every week (do something I couldn't do if I lived somewhere else)
4. Invite someone over for dinner every month

I think I will really try these Would Be Nices. I probably need to ride the Metro more, and I probably need to just suck it up and walk to the Metro. It's not so far for one single person to walk, but when you have to make a toddler ride in a stroller to and from, the idea gets less and less exciting. Plus, the germs in the Metro are almost more than I can handle, and Bria seems to think it's fun to lick everything when we ride. It almost makes me cromit (that would be cry and vomit simultaneously).
As far as trying new recipes goes, I think this blog could benefit from that Would-Be-Nice. And I suppose I could start blogging about all the culinary fails that have been going on around here. Some things I've learned recently, that maybe I'll get the mustard to blog about soon: I hate red wine in my marinara; rice pudding curdles quickly; ding dongs are not made from sponge cake. There you go.

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  1. I fully support DC adventures, mostly because I have lived in three big cities for short amounts of time and NEVER, never made the most of it. I did a lot of stuff but I also sat around a lot. At least with DC I get a second chance.

    Also, driving into the city (from where we are, at least) isn't all that bad, if you are as averse to unnecessary metro riding as we are. Street parking isn't hard to find, for the most part. We're usually surprised that there are good spots to be found. But bring a map or something, I guess, I think I know the city well enough from the first time around that I'm okay at finding where I'm at, but it's definitely daunting at first.