Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Love Costco Take Two

Sometimes Sam and I get a little grumpy on the weekends. I know that seems just plain wrong. We should be so happy to be together and have free time, but something about unmet expectations and lack of communication coupled with staying up late and sleeping in just makes us a little salty.

But when it started snowing yesterday, and the grumps started to threaten our entire weekend, Sam took charge by insisting we go out. We took the metro to Pentagon City to get Sam some new shoes, and then we walked from the mall to Costco, since, while we were out, we realized Sam's Costco-purchased coat had ripped. We exchanged his coat for a new one, and ended the outing with the good ol' $1.50 hot dog and soda combo. Did you know the price of the Costco hot dog has never changed? One more reason I love Costco. And because I am on a roll with some serious Costco lovin', I will tell you that I go to Costco probably once or twice a month, and my absolute highlight is eating the Costco hot dog. I always time it so Bria and I go at lunch time, and after we shop, we get hot dogs. Bria has a lemonade, and I have a diet coke, and if I'm feeling fancy, we get a swirl frozen yogurt. And I sit there and enjoy every. single. bite. of that hot dog (drenched in ketchup, of course). It's so relaxing. And it's only $1.50! (Well, $3 for both of us.) It's the highlight of my slightly-more-than-once-a-month.

The short story is, my friends, there is no grump that a Costco hot dog can't fix.


  1. I completely agree. The other afternoon Trenton and I shared a slice of pizza for dinner there. He climbed around the table but didn't go far, and I felt thoroughly relaxed by the time we left. Seriously, I should do that tomorrow!