Friday, January 29, 2010


Bria and I were riding the metro today, and Bria dropped her domino on the floor (yes, a domino. it's one of her favorite things in the world). A man on the metro pointed this out to me, so I thanked him, picked up the domino, and handed it back to Bria. The man was then horrified as Bria brought the domino right up to her face and put it in her mouth. He pleaded with her to stop and looked at me and said "she's putting it in her mouth!" I replied, "yeah. well, it's pretty much impossible to keep her from putting things in her mouth. It's gross, but what can you do?"


I have no idea why I said that. And then I felt really weird about it, because it's disgusting right? If anything that has ever touched any part of the Metro ever touches Bria's mouth, it makes me want to scrub her entire body, head-to-toe with steel wool. And when I request that Bria not put things (metro windows, metro seats, metro poles, metro-touching-dominoes) in her mouth, she almost always complies. She's very agreeable. So, I'm really not sure what possessed me to say something akin to "I don't care if my small and adorable child licks the floor of the disease-ridden, scum-covered, germ-producing Metro. In fact, I encourage it!"

I rather felt like a pariah. I was incredibly happy to switch trains at the next stop so I could stop being judged by the people of the Metro. Everyone there is probably going home now to tell their friends and family of the horrible mother they saw on the Metro today WHO LET HER DAUGHTER LICK THE METRO FLOOR. (essentially.)

Also, we went to Potbelly today for lunch with Sam after he forgot his glasses for work and we took a trip into DC to give them to him. Yum!


  1. i love potbelly. the cheapest sandwich anywhere around here. i recommend the clubby. YUM. and i don't judge you.

  2. You were absolutely possessed. I can't imagine you saying that. I don't judge you but man, that's weird - for you at least.
    Remember how an old man once told me I should be whipped for not having Hunter in a coat? Being judged is FUN! Especially by strangers. Ha ha.

  3. Courtney, you are amazing. I love your blogs--love the recipes, love hearing about your cute family, and love your witty, fun way of writing (which is exceptional in this post). I am so bummed I didn't get to know you better when you were here in the PV3 ward. I hope you are doing well on the east coast, it sounds like you are :)
    --Courtney Hardy