Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On Gingerbread Houses and Heartbreak

Last time I made a gingerbread house was in 2004 with this boy I had a crush on. His code name was the Hobbit (hey, I was 19). And I was slightly obsessed with him, and he gave all sorts of mysterious signals that made it seem my interest was mutual. (Like bringing me graham crackers and frozen cool whip one night because I mentioned once it was a favorite snack.) The gingerbread house was the pinnacle: a boy would surely only craft a gingerbread house with me if he loved me, right? The next day, while showing the house off and suggesting this meant The Hobbit and I were well on our way to coupledom, a mutual friend said, "you know he has a girlfriend, right?" Hopes dashed. Heart broken. That gingerbread house went straight in the trash.

Don't worry, I was married to Sam less than a year later, so it's not like my heart didn't mend quickly.

So, a couple weeks ago I went to a gingerbread making party. It was just me and Bria, since Sam was working, so I let her stay up late, eating more candy than she did on Halloween while I crafted this beauty. I'm quite proud of my handiwork.
My favorite part was using some Trader Joe's candy-coated, chocolate-covered sunflower seeds for the roof. They are super tasty and kind of lovely too.


  1. I love it! I'm going to copy you.

  2. Dumb hobbit. I mean, it was years ago, but still, dumb hobbit.
    Also, beautiful house! The sunflower seeds are more than kind of lovely. I want some right this minute.
    Love you!!! Merry Christmas