Wednesday, December 15, 2010

already thinking about 2011 instead of going to bed

I know I'm about two weeks early, but I have two resolutions for 2011.

1) Make my bed every day

2) Run a 5k

I've never been good at resolutions, partially because I always come up with approximately a trillion of them, so I'm hoping the simplicity with result in success. Also, yes. My resolution is to make my bed every day. This has never been a habit, much to the chagrin of my mother. In fact, I even got scolded when I was in Utah last month for not making my bed. Some people (um, okay, I) never learn. Until now!!
And a goal for 2011 (entirely different from a resolution) is too cook more new things. This includes using certain ingredients I have never before used. Starting with . . .
Mushrooms (I know. I really have never cooked with a mushroom)

Speaking of next year, I am already planning a road trip for the spring. I fully intend to return to NYC and take Sam with me this time. I need to hit up all the bajillion restaurants I missed from my trip in May, among other things. In addition (either in another, later trip or on the same one) I am plotting a trip to Niagara Falls and maybe even a drive westward-- as far as Chicago? I don't know.

I do know, however, that I can't believe Christmas is in ten days. Bria is at this perfect age where all the plotting and planning going into present-shopping will result in a wondrous payout come Christmas morning. I haven't been this excited about the holiday since I was probably 10. And, Santa, if you're reading, just know that these are the things on my list:A sewing machine. Maybe you've heard, but I have been awfully crafty lately. Oh, you didn't really hear about that? Well, that's because I forgot to blog about it.

A wheat grinder. Guys. I found the world's best bread recipe this week. I'll share soon.

And the ability to float in my sleep. Or a new mattress. Either one.

So, Santa. Sorry I didn't give you much notice, but you'd better get on that pretty quickly. You only have ten days.


  1. i am surprised you've never cooked with leeks!! i love leeks. they are the ultimate ingredient. just be sure to wash them very well because they are surprisingly dirty. i have a few potato-leek soup recipes to share if you are into that.

  2. Don't stop at Chicago. That's only 3 hours from us up here in WI.

  3. I never make my bed. I was going to buy myself new bedding in hopes that that would solve the problem (which is a way of saying it's on my list of resolutions). I don't think it will, but at least I'll have new bedding?

    I'm also asking for a sewing machine for Christmas--keep me posted on easy projects I should try!

  4. What no mushrooms? Holy cow, my favorite pizza is home made crust from pioneer woman, rubbed down with garlic, sprinkled with a little Olive oil, and then slathered with sauteed mushroom, caramelized onions, and big slices of real mozarella cheese (from the ball). You have to try it. So delicious!
    Hope Santa really surprises you on Christmas. :)

  5. If Santa doesn't bring you a new mattress, I am going to put out a jar and start saving to buy you one myself. :)
    Love you!