Friday, April 9, 2010

more day-seizing

Something I am trying to do for Project Spring is to be more adventurous. It has a lot to do with Bria's haircut and trying to be a project finisher instead of an avid project starter.
I come up with ideas of fun things to do all. the. time. But I never do them. Kind of like a line from Mamma Mia! when Meryl Streep sings about planning so many things to do and places to go with her daughter, and they didn't end up doing most of things, and why? (she just doesn't know!) (we watch that movie a lot around here.)
But I am trying to enjoy having one child right now-- when it's relatively easy to pick up and go somewhere and have a great time. Sam and I certainly didn't take advantage of that before we had Bria, so I am learning from my mistakes.

So the weather has been absolutely gorgeous out here for over a week now, and I am pleased to say we have been totally enjoying it. Last week, after talking for ages about having a lunch picnic at gravelly point, Bria and I picked up and went. All by ourselves. I usually talk myself out of these things, but I seized the day-- and why not? We had an awesome time.

We picked up lunch at Whole Foods on the way. I didn't realize until we got there that, for Bria's lunch, I had bought her strawberries, strawberry yogurt, and strawberry milk. Good thing she loves strawberries. I filled a box from their salad bar, and it was this perfect, healthy, scrumptious meal. I had been eating junk for, like, a week solid before this, so having a lunch full of greens and peppers and some mysterious superfood thing that looked intriguing (and tasted mostly good), was like heaven.

Since it was the middle of a week day, almost no one was there. Bria was a little afraid of the plane noise

But it was just a glorious morning.

(even if, because of traffic, it took us an hour to get home.)

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