Tuesday, April 6, 2010

illegitimate post

When I started Project Spring and I said I would "post at least three times a week," I really meant that I would post twice a week or something. This spring weather makes me want to be outside playing-- not sitting on my computer. And I'm ok with that. But I do have some things to share from last week (once I bring camera in from the car) (note to self: BRING YOUR CAMERA IN FROM THE CAR) (especially because it was over ninety degrees today = not good for electronics. yowza).


We went to an Easter Egg Hunt last week for our playgroup, and Bria was delighted to eat so much candy. This is how she smiles for pictures/ shows her excitement these days:
But the other thing is that I cut her hair! And the reason this is post-worthy is that I have the tendency to be all talk. I plan things, talk about things, intend to do things, etc. and I never follow through. So, I had thought about cutting Bria's hair for months, and I finally bit the bullet and did it. Hooray! I'm counting it as a Project Spring Triumph. It is incredibly uneven, so thank goodness she has curly hair to cover that. Although, the curly hair also made it so that, when I got it wet and combed it out, I cut it a little shorter than I intended. When it started to dry, I freaked out a little bit as it got shorter and shorter. Oh well, I think/hope it turned out darling.
Also, lets talk about how one of my Easter projects was to create some kind of beautiful Easter basket for Bria, and then I didn't get around to it, so I just used a purse. I figured that was better than her Halloween pumpkin bucket.

Okay, legitimate Project Spring posts are forthcoming-- including one about trifle. (commence drooling.)


  1. When we come to visit, let's have trifle! (I originally put, like, 45 exclamation points after that sentence but then decided that was just annoying.)

  2. Courtney, her hair is so cute!

  3. Somehow in the craziness of the egg hunt I completely missed Bria's new hair. It looks super cute.

  4. Bria's hair is darling! Good work! Remember when I borrowed your trifle bowl? Ah trifle. I am drooling.