Wednesday, April 21, 2010

it's a hyphen sort of day.

Speaking of being a project finisher, or, rather, not being one, these somewhat-to-seriously irritating things are on my perpetually-a-mile-long to-do list:

--order pictures from Snapfish so my account doesn't expire and I lose all my pictures stored there

--eat the ripe avocado in my fruit basket before it gets gross (that shouldn't be too difficult)

-- call Blockbuster online and ask why they are still charging us even though we canceled three months ago

--call Skin ID and tell them I don't need more face wash (oops! too late! I hate things on automatic refill.)

--pick up the book on hold for me at the library

--return that laundry basket to Target that was marked $5.99, but was actually $12.99. Or just accept the fact that it was double the price I thought and keep it because it's been over a month.

--pick up the package of new clothes from GAP that has been sitting in my apartment's management office for almost a month (I don't like the manager, so I've been avoiding her, but she is the one who has my package).

Am I the only one who has a to-do list that is constantly plagued by things like this?