Friday, August 7, 2009

National Root Beer Float Day

Let me first admit that this picture is from google image search. I need to permanently tether my camera to my side.

So yesterday was National Root Beer Float Day. And, have I ever needed an excuse to make root beer floats? Heck no! I love the things. In elementary school, along with the cartons of chocolate and regular, we had root beer milk. Oh it was sooo delicious. It tasted like a melted root beer float. Actually, now that I think about it, such a drink might make me gag, but as a kid? Oh, I was in heaven. Plus I loved that it had a root beer-colored cow on the front. (Yes, root beer is just brown, and a very normal color for a cow, but to me, it was a root beer cow.)
So when I learned that yesterday was root beer float day, I immediately enlisted my sister Lindsay to join me in my float exploits. I have always wanted to have a root beer float taste test, where you decide which root beer and which ice cream make the best float, and you may think that's what we did, but we didn't. I'll have to save that test for another date. We went with the classic A&W with Breyer's vanilla. I think A&W has such a lovely taste. Sam is becoming quite the root beer connoisseur, and he really enjoys obscure, darker flavors, but I am all about a bright, sweet, and happy root beer-- like A&W.
And speaking of varied drinks for floats, Sam really likes kool-aid floats. Grape kool-aid and vanilla ice cream. That makes me want to puke. Also, as a youth in Denver, a popular place to hold birthday parties was at the local roller-skating rink: Skate City. When they served the birthday food, everyone got a Little Debbie's Swiss Cake Roll and a Pepsi float. I can practically taste it right now, just thinking of it, and my memory tastes really good. and a little bit waxy.
Back to the root beer. I think the best part of a root beer float (and I am not alone in this) is when the ice cream gets all crusty and crunchy from the root beer. Sadly, ours didn't do that last night. I think the ice cream wasn't solid enough-- it had gotten a little soft in my parents' over-crowded freezer. But they were still so tasty. And of course, Bria loved it. I'm training her young, folks.


  1. I wish they had crustified. They're so good crispy and icey!

    Did you know that Grandpa Affleck used to give us root beer floats when we would go to his house? I always think of him when I make a float.
    Also - I love Skate City.

    Please continue to keep me informed of special things like "Root Beer Float Day" and "Cheesecake Day". These special occasions are making my life better all around.


    I just found this...I'm ready to celebrate every one of these days!!

  3. I was never a huge fan of root beer floats, so I invented my own alternative with Sprite or Fresca and sherbet. Yum. (Also best when the sherbet gets crusty and crunchy. I'm always a little sad when that doesn't happen.)

  4. I could really use a root bear float right about now. LOVE them!