Thursday, August 20, 2009


Sam has been in Utah for the last week and a half, but he's headed back to D.C. on Monday for a temporary position at National Geographic. We are pretty stoked, so we bought some Virgil's to celebrate.

Sam introduced me to Virgil's root beer back in 2005, when we were dating. I expected a regular ol' root beer, so I guzzled it, and I ended up with quite a hefty stomach ache, since it is such a rich, full-bodied brew. Ever since, I have only sipped the stuff. Sam can't get enough of it--we even bought a keg of Virgil's root beer at World Market for New Years in 2007. So for celebration tonight, I opted for a lighter drink, the orange cream soda, and it was delightful. So light and simple. Both flavors, the orange and the vanilla, were so clear and tasty. The carbonation was also perfectly light; I hate overpowering carbonation.
We sat in the backyard at dusk, swinging on the porch swing, drinking our celebration beverages and discussed our future. Hopeful plans for the next year and immediate things to be done before Sam leaves. We are gearing up emotionally to be apart again, but I will probably go out there for a week to ease the pain of separation. I am feeling a little sick from the amount of sugar (and the anticipation of his departure), but it was well worth it to celebrate with Sam.

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