Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Luck Be a Pop Tart Tonight

Announcement: I have a new place to take people.

Sam's parents were in town this weekend and wanted to have a food adventure with us, so we trekked out on the hot and humid metro, heading for 7th Hill and the nutella calzone, but . . . it was closed. In a split second I knew we were destined to go to Ted's Bulletin. So we walked the couple blocks over. (This is why I wish we lived on the Hill! We could walk to so many places! Oh well. My waist and wallet thank me.)
(Bria insisted on wearing a single leg warmer all day.)

The very friendly waitress said they were known for their homemade pop tarts, shakes, and peanut butter bacon burger, and I was immediately sold.
We all started sharing some shakes-- peanut chocolate banana and s'mores. I only wish they were larger (and maybe just a touch thicker?), but they were divine-- particularly after our long and hot metro ride.
I told Sam he had to order the peanut butter bacon burger (I clearly am not worried about his arteries). And it was amazing.
I had the campfire burger with a veggie patty, and it was good. I think it would probably be amazing if eaten with a regular beef patty-- only because there are baked beans on it, and the veggie patty is rather soft and is made with a lot of black beans, so it ended up being more of a bean mash burger. I'm not complaining. In fact, I am saying you should definitely try it-- just go for the beef.
Bria had a burger, Diane had fish, Don had meatloaf, and it was all very tasty, until we reach this next and very important finishing detail.


(making the pop tarts!)

Can I admit that I have a serious weakness for pop tarts? Only the brown sugar and cinnamon ones, but the truth remains that I will eat an entire box if it is within my reach. So I ordered their brown sugar pop tart. I savored it. I ate 1/4 after our dinner, and then morseled it throughout the day yesterday. And each bite was out of this world. Regular pop tarts are, you know, kind of gross, right? Like you're really only eating it for the filling and the frosting. The pastry on these gems was flaky and sweet and could stand on it's own as a dessert. And this is why we will go back again and take any friend that will accompany us-- just for the pop tarts.
(Also, I saw HOMEMADE TWINKIES there and almost died on the spot. Twinkies are yet another of my embarrassing obsessions. MUST. GO. BACK. FOR. TWINKIES.)


  1. This sounds amazing. I want a homemade twinkie right this minute.

  2. This is on my list of places to go. It sounds like you found it to be adequate :)

    I might have to walk there to burn off a few calories. That food looks yummy.

  3. Yum, yum, yum. You've added another thing on my list to do before we leave. Let's plan a night to go!

  4. We just moved to Arlington and I was poking around the internet looking for good places to eat and voila - your blog!

    A. I just had that Nutella Calzone on Saturday for the first time and wow. Just wow.

    B. Now I have to trek back up there for a homemade poptart!

    I'm drooling. Sorry.