Friday, February 19, 2010

Velkommen Spring!

I bought strawberries at Costco today. The first purchase of strawberries each year shines like a glistening beacon of hope-- a promise of spring and the rebirth of the world. Last year, when the strawberries first came into season at Costco, we went nuts. By the time my birthday rolled around on April 10, we had already eaten 25 pounds of strawberries. That is not an exaggeration. And that was just the beginning of the strawberry fest, I know 16 additional pounds of strawberries were purchased and eaten for Bria's and Elisa's birthdays alone. Every morning, Bria would eat her weight in strawberries. I would cut and wash them as fast as I could while Bria sat in her seat signing "more." It was not uncommon for her to eat upwards of 12 strawberries a day. We love strawberries around here; that's just the way we roll. So when I bought our first strawberries of the year today and breathed in their light, earthy, fruity goodness, I was filled with the energy and love of spring. It's coming, friends. The winter is dying (or should be), and spring is coming. I can sense it. Now, I will plead with all of you to keep spring in your hearts so that it will come faster. Last year, spring came sooner because I willed it to. It's true. Sam calls this all poppycock, but it's the only way I can make it through the horrid dying winter. So, come now! One and all! Let's will this winter away and start welcoming spring!


  1. Oh, that strawberry birthday cake. Goodness gracious.

  2. Yummmmm me gusta freces. Every year there is a strawberry festival near Ventura and every year I forget to go. Not this year dammit, I have to go! Do they have any of those near you?