Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Santa Baby

Remember this post? Well, Santa sure did. (Actually, it was my mom-- and she doesn't even read this blog! It's like magic.) I got these tongs.

They are amazing. When you close them while they are pointing up, they lock. Then you point them down, and they open. It's also like magic. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how they work. But I think they are amazing.

But it gets better, folks. Oh boy, does it ever get better.

I also got this.

And this.

And you might be thinking isn't a pan just a pan? and then I would be thinking back at you how could you think such a thing? and then you might think for someone who loves to cook so much, don't you already have nice pans? to which I would think back I know, right?! Because the sad, sorry truth is that, when I got married and acquired my pots and pans, I didn't have the pretty penny needed to buy such lovelies as All-Clad or Calphalon (even the cheaper Calphalon found at Target!). So I have pretty low-grade pots and pans that have gotten the job done. (Luckily I did get a lovely crepe pan from my friend Jenna at my bridal shower, and I borrowed/stole a Calphalon soup pot from my mom. Good thing she doesn't read this blog! I'm not sure if she knows about that.) Anyway, having these two new beauties has sent me into full-fledged twitterpation. I can neither confirm nor deny saying to Sam that I wanted to "have a polygamous marriage with the pans and [Sam.]"

So, I have yet to christen the saucepan, but the fry pan-- oh the fry pan! It's so gorgeous. I love to just sit and stare at it. I have cooked in it a couple times, and it's perfect! It's so huge, so I never have to worry about everything spilling out of it. And the non-stick is fabulous and beautiful. I love hand-washing it and drying it and then just holding it like a new baby. (Did I mention that I love it? )

Well done, Mom. Well done.


  1. Amen! A pan is not just a pan! Some people don't get it!

  2. Yay! I got some too! I'm glad you love them. I do too. I can't wait to cook more. Luckily I read this sweet blog with recipes galore.
    You're so stellar.

  3. Hooray for good quality cookware! I'm still in the market, myself, for some good stainless steel. I go back and forth...but I think that's what I really want. I'll soon find out if it was a big mistake or not. In fact, dear friend, I would be interested in you doing some research on what is the better pan -- is stainless steel really better? What are the advantages/disadvantages, etc. What do the people say?

  4. I'm telling mom about the soup pan.
    Merry Christmas! And congratulations on your polygamist marriage! :) Love you!