Friday, December 4, 2009

Not that YOU still have any turkey in YOUR fridge . . .

Truth be told, I hate turkey. I always eat a couple bites for Thanksgiving, but I never enjoy it. And more than turkey, I hate leftovers. And even more than leftovers, I hate pot pies. But, when I found myself with some leftover turkey from Thanksgiving and a leftover pie crust, I decided to give Pioneer Woman's turkey pot pie a try. And, let me tell you, I ate my words. That leftover-turkey pot pie was delicious.
Next time you find yourself with leftover turkey (or chicken) or with a hankering for a pot pie, try it out. It's fresh and delicious. And one thing I hate about pot pies is that I find them gluey and gummy (which I call glummy). Also, I hate soggy, mushy vegetables, and I hate soggy bread. But this pot pie was none of those things.
A note-- I left out the thyme, because I didn't have any. I didn't cook the vegetables very long in the beginning because I wanted them to stay firm. This was a good choice. And, when I opened my cream, it was one solid block (blerg). So I used whole milk.
And now, off to take some DayQuil for the fourth cold I have had in two months . . .


  1. Are you allergic to Virginia?

  2. I'm not going to lie; I'm starting to wonder if I am.

  3. I made this turkey pot pie and it was AWESOME!! I love that it doesn't have potatoes in it. I think potatoes in pot pies are always overdone or underdone = gross. THe thyme was awesome. Thanks!!

  4. courtney- you can't hate turkey THAT much. you see, back in the days of high school i used to always get ham & cheese at subway, but when we would split one i changed to turkey- thus, you can't hate all turkey.