Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Review: Founding Farmers

When I was here several weeks ago before the move, I met up with my dear old friend Ashley, whom I have have been friends with since we were wee babies. We hadn't seen each other in three (!) years, so it was so delightful to meet up. She's lived in the DC area for almost year, so I asked her to pick a place for us to go that was close to her work and Sam's work. She picked Founding Farmers, and I can't tell you what a wonderful choice that was.
The design of the restaurant was fantastic. So modern and chic. I wish I hadn't been there at such a crowded time and with a toddler so I could have appreciated it more. Plus, the bathrooms were worth noting with their lovely design. I am all about bathrooms with real doors rather than industrial stalls. And, they featured the Dyson hand dryer, which I am a little more than obsessed with. Ok, you probably don't really care about the bathroom. On to the food!
I have a confession to make. I like to think otherwise, but I am not very adventurous when it comes to food. I seem to always order the same type of thing at every restaurant, and this time, it back fired. I was debating between the cheeseburger and a salad, and I settled for the cheeseburger. I love cheeseburgers, and they usually hit the spot, but this experience may actually have cured me of my addiction.
When my burger came, and I bit into it, it was nearly red inside. So I sent it back, and they comped it, which I highly appreciated. But it was very, very slow to return. So by the time I finally got my burger, I had munched enough on everyone else's food and I wasn't really hungry anymore. The burger was good, but it didn't hit the spot. It wasn't special, and I really wanted it to be. So, from now on, when I try new restaurants, I will try new food.
Please, don't let this deter you. Now I will continue to tell you how Founding Farmers could change your life.

Fried Chicken and Waffles.

Both Sam and Ashley tried this dish, and holy cow. Stop everything, fly to DC, and order this dish right now. First, the chicken. The seasoning is so spectacular-- very complex, but not busy or over-the-top. And it is breaded just the perfect amount. Then you have the waffles. Sam described it perfectly: "it's like eating a cloud." So very, very flavorful! And so light and fluffy and delicious, they don't even need the syrup, although the syrup is perfect too. The chicken and waffles are also served with perfectly-steamed fresh green beans and macaroni and cheese. And that macaroni and cheese is so creamy and so cheesy, you might actually die from culinary delight.

Now you can see why just my plain old cheeseburger was a bit of a disappointment. I mean, the fried chicken and waffles were so amazing, we wanted to devote the rest of our lives to eating that dish. I extend my sincerest gratitude to Ashley and Sam who shared their food with my while I waited for my burger.
We finished it all off with the fresh, homemade donuts with a chocolate glaze. Honestly, it was a little too rich for me after so much food. (I though it came with ice cream, which I can always eat no matter how full I am.) But they were quite good. Next time I will order a dessert with ice cream.

I cannot wait to go here again with Sam-- next time without Bria. There is too much to experience and appreciate to bring a toddler, and I want to have time to study the menu next time without worrying about feeding another human who is furiously signing "hungry!" And Ashley said last time she went, she saw LeeAnn Rimes. A celebrity sighting possibility and life-changing food? I don't think there is a higher possible rating in my book.


  1. first related item of business--chicken and waffles is such an amazing duo. have you been to roscoe's in la? amazing and surprising.

    second unrelated item--did you know that during the holidays, trader joe's sells CANDY CANE joe-joes, AND they do CHOCOLATE DIPPED candy cane joe-joes. we pretty much ate our weight in those last christmas when we exchanged some weird fruitcake my grandma got there for the joe-joes. (also, you may notice on the back of trader joe's packages that it was manufactured in monrovia, ca, the land of my naissance.)

  2. Our mutual friend Matt introduced me to the idea of chicken and waffles many a year ago. My mind is a little bit blown that you can order it at a restaurant. That particular incarnation of chicken and waffles sounds delicious. How exciting! I sure am happy for you guys (about the whole move and stuff, not just the chicken and waffles)!