Wednesday, June 13, 2012

food truck fest

 On Cinco de Mayo we celebrated by heading into a food truck fest in DC. We took a quick round of the trucks, examining lines, and stopping for a quick photo-op by a Hawaiian BBQ truck before settling in on our choices. I noticed some of the more well-known trucks and was a little bummed by the TaKorean truck that was a million miles long. I was jonesing for a treat, so Bria and I chose the Orange Cow for some ice cream cones. Sam needed a meal, so he chose Dangerously Delicious. He had the most amazing potato pie and chocolate cream pie. (The brick and mortar location is now at the top of my to-dine list.) Of course as we were winding down, Bria declared she was suddenly but overwhelming starving, so she chose an apple and gruyere grilled cheese from the Big Cheese. Overall we were very pleased with our choices-- I'm not sure we could have gone wrong. Now I need to hit up the next truckeroo to get another sampling.

(The only downside of the day came several weeks later when I received two speeding tickets in the mail from a photo radar on 295. Apparently I consistently sped on the way to and from the fest. So was it worth the $275 in speeding fines? Now that is a good question. Probably not. But I learned my lesson: next time I will metro.)


  1. ahhh speed traps are the bane of my existence. though the sole benefit of us passing them all the time is that now we know where they are, we know when to slow down. pretty sure the millions in revenue DC has gotten has come from people who don't live in DC. lame.

    also, truckeroo! i went with coworkers last week during lunch and it was awesome. they've really made the setting a lot nicer than before (painted, decorated, etc.). also, might i suggest sinplicity for your next ice cream truck stop? most of their ice cream sandwiches are alcoholic, but the non-alcoholic sandwiches (instead of cookies they use MACARONS, not to be confused with MACAROONS) and ice creams are AWESOME.

  2. Tim and I have had plans to check out the local food truck gathering forever but we still haven't gone! (It's called OC DinDin-A-GoGo. Can you believe that name?) You've inspired me. Sorry about the tickets! Bummer!

  3. That photo radar business is so sneaky.

  4. What a timely post. We finally have a date night planned to Dangerously Delicious Pies tonight! But I'm a little concerned about how to choose just one. I'm hoping the selection is more depleted by the end of the day.