Saturday, February 18, 2012

all you need

Valentines this year was a culinary success. We started festivities the weekend before with a date to finally check out ShopHouse (the new Asian Chipotle). I am so glad we went! I had a tofu bowl with noodles, green beans, and their green curry sauce. It was worth the hype, but I have to tell you, it was so spicy! Like, my tongue was still burning even after we had frozen yogurt for dessert. And the green curry was the "mild" of their two curries. They do have another sauce I will try next time in an attempt to save my mouth from the fire. I am a total wimp when it comes to spice (I kept telling myself "this is what it takes to build your tolerance! buck up, McPhie!"), but even Sam concurred this was pretty intense. However, I can attest to the great flavor. I think such extreme spice often covers up flavor, but I was willing to endure the pain of the spice for such great depth of flavor.

On the actual day of love, we decided to make fondue. I could seriously eat that every day. But the thing I was most concerned about was dessert. I have been doing this health challenge thing with some friends, which means I'm limited to one day of sugar each week (which is maybe the normal healthy thing to do anyway) (but it's almost over! and I'm only one point behind the current leader!). So, the dessert was a big deal to me. I recently saw a link to this double chocolate raspberry pavlova and instantly knew this was The One. And it turned out beautifully.
And oh so deliciously! It's a new obsession really. I was so sad the rest of this week watching Sam eat the leftovers without me. This is my ultimate sacrifice in trying to WIN this challenge. But regardless of the victor, one thing's for sure: this will be the first thing I make when it's over.


  1. Wow, this dessert looks amazing.

  2. That dessert does look amazing. Also, I'm impressed with your forbearance. It looks too good to resist!

  3. on the one snack rule...
    i decided to make it after quiet time, usually around 330. But if she's cranky and whining for one in the morning, i tell her she can have it, but then she won't be able to have one after quiet time. The first few days she would opt for the morning snack, but then break down when she didn't get another in the afternoon. But after a week or so she figured out the rule, and now she carefully decides if she wants it in the morning or afternoon. And the best part of all this is that her plate is always clean at every meal! :) Of course, sometimes if I can tell she's hungry, I'll make sure to have an earlier dinner or lunch just to avoid another snack. It usually does the trick.
    I enjoy keeping up with you on instagram. your bria is so cute!