Monday, January 16, 2012


*I wrote this post back in the spring, but never published it. So here it is, getting published. I worked at that office job for exactly one day before realizing it was not right for me. Sometimes you have to get that far into something to really know that it's not going to work. The great resounding lesson of this experience was "to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven." Seems like that has been the theme of the last year.

The weather has continued to be lovely-- peppered with hot and humid days and weeks-- this is exactly the kind of spring I could endorse. I bought a pair of sandals for Bria that are too thick-soled, and they make her trip. This means we've had a lot of skinned knees around here. (Check out that mosquito bite too!)
I see my life echoed on a smaller scale in Bria. Growing can be tough. Bria and I try to make an adventure out of life, and some days we do a pretty good job. Some days the only adventure we have is traveling up the street to the Wendy's that smells like low-tide and indulging in a frosty.
Other days I decide to take steps in a new direction. This includes going to Target and buying a new outfit for a job interview. (Which I then take an awkward picture of to text my sister Whitney to get her fashion approval.) (hey, look! my hair has grown! but I'm still making the same faces.)
And those steps resulted in a new job-- the first office job I've had in over three years. It's a very new direction-- one that's scary, but exciting. But I'm hoping that by developing a side of myself that's laid dormant for those 3+ years, I'll be able to more fully enjoy and invest in my adventures with B. Because every moment with a girl like this one should be treasured.


  1. Hey! I've had that same realization - the one where I say "woah! My hair has changed, but look - I'm still making the same faces as I did when I was 16!"
    I love this post. That journey you made last spring was probably so fascinating. So much learned. I love your life adventures.

  2. So does that mean you quit the job? I'm so curious!

    And thank you for your comment on my new blog! I like the idea of finding peace with whatever you're feeling. I suppose I'll just have to accept that SAHM life is a roller coaster!

  3. Yes! I did quit. It was kind of embarrassing to quit after one day, but I felt instantly better about the whole situation.