Tuesday, November 1, 2011

try this tuesday: the passing of time edition

Ready to hear something everyone else is saying today?

I can't believe it's November.

Like, wasn't it just July? or March, for that matter? Ah, the passing of time. I remember being in Kindergarten and thinking (very distinctly): "I have been in Kindergarten for.ev.er." And when I was a Sophomore in high school realizing I was not yet half way through high school, and it really bummed me out (I didn't enjoy high school). Two+ years seemed like eternity to me at age 15, and now it's practically the blink of an eye. (We've now been in Virginia for two years.) And now here I am wondering what the next two years will bring, and . . . I've come full circle to my last post. I spend a lot of mental energy on the passing of time. Can you tell?
Um. Anyway. I've been out of town a lot lately, which is making me feel slightly disconnected from the real world, but it's also really fun. Sam and I are headed to NYC this weekend, and a handful of weeks later, Bria and I are headed to Utah for a week. This year is practically over, and it's freaking me out. In the meantime, I have food to keep me grounded. or something. This is the food I'm obsessed with lately:

This salad will knock your socks off. I keep making it expecting the novelty to wear off, and it has yet to do anything but please me to no end.

Whole Foods brand crumbled blue cheese. In a salad, on slices of fresh pear, or just snitched from the fridge-- I just can't get enough.

This bbq sauce is . . . interesting. Sam and Bria l.o.v.e. it, but I am not wild about the Asian undertones (perhaps I'll omit or reduce the hoisin sauce next time?). It does however, make dinner a cinch. My freezer is packed full of small portions of the sauce, and my favorite quick dinner lately is a slew of oven roasted veggies, black beans, brown rice, and a scoop of this sauce all mixed together.

And because I know you just want more sugary things the day after Halloween on the brink of the holiday season: I dare you to make this carmel sauce and not attempt to drink it straight.


  1. Definitely going to make this sauce, although it looks like the yield might be a little higher than good ol' hannham and I need. Just curious - what vegetables do you usually make with this?

  2. The barbecue sauce? I like to roast tiny potatoes, carrots, onions, broccoli, peppers, and cauliflower-- and just with olive oil and s&p. (actually, those roasted vegetables I made for dinner with you guys I used as leftovers for this meal later in the week.) It does yield a ton of sauce, which is exactly why I freeze it in 1 or 1/2 cup portions.

  3. I totally get what you're saying about spending mental energy on the passage of time. Lately I keep thinking, "only NINE weeks left in 2011" (or however many weeks it is) and sort of panicking. I don't know what I'm so anxious about/what I'm worried I won't have time for before 2012, but the thought of it definitely preoccupies me.

    What a couple of weirdos. :)

  4. That salad looks so delicioso, I'm excited to try it.

  5. I saw your salad link on Sunday, was immediately intrigued, put it together on Monday and I've been eating it all week because I was so generous with the portion sizes in the recipe! So delicious, and all my coworkers have demanded the recipe as well!