Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ebel what? Ebelskiver.

The first time I heard of ebelskivers was when I worked at Williams-Sonoma during Christmas a couple years ago. Those pans have been haunting my food dreams ever since. I mean, let's just think about this for a minute: a small, hand-held pancake filled with the confections of your wildest dreams. So a couple weeks ago, Hannah suggested she and Rob come over to make them, and the answer was a clear and resounding YES. a thousand times, yes.
I made some bacon and eggs just to counter the incredible and copious sugar intake, but the true stars were Hannah and Rob. They slaved away at the stove, crafting the skivers, delivering batches for our immediate consumption. The balls of joy were full of various concoctions of jams, cheeses, BACON, apples, carmel, chocolate, and nutella-- the last of which was the (obvious) winner in my book. If you are the lucky owner of an ebelskiver pan, I do highly recommend the bacon (possibly dipped in maple syrup). I also highly recommend inviting me over to help you eat any ebelskivers you happen to make.


  1. yum. yum. yum. we have 2 ebelskiver pans (so we can consume the goodness twice as fast!) so next time we bust 'em out, we'll have you over. and i will try the bacon. nutella is always a favorite around here.