Friday, January 21, 2011

So Not Posh

I think this happened around the same time last year, but I hit a culinary wall. I don't feel like cooking or baking anything. We've been eating a lot of quesadillas and pasta with marinara. One of our go-to easy meals lately has been an amazingly simple burrito.

Is it sad that this is what my food blogging has been reduced to? Meh. Whatever.

If you have only five minutes to feed the hungry people surrounding you, here is the solution:
A bunch of leftover brown rice (found languishing in your fridge)
A heap of cheese
1 can black beans
1 minced garlic clove (or a small spoon of garlic paste, for increased simplicity)
Chili powder

Mix it all together and toss it in a tortilla. Roll it up and heat each side in the pan on medium heat until it's hot, gooey, and crispy. Adding some avocado on top makes it even more heavenly.


  1. Come on, that sound delicious. I ate toast for dinner last night, so you're blowing me out of the water.

  2. must be the crappy january weather mixed with over-indulging from the holidays because our house has been eating very similar meals. i like this suggestion because then i can go another day without leaving the warm house to go to the grocery store.