Monday, November 8, 2010

Mama K

My mom is coming to town on Wednesday! And you want to know what she is bringing us in her carry-on? You better believe it.

Last month my mom and dad went to Japan, and they sent this picture. The first thing I noticed-- I think my mom is wearing jeggings. How should I feel about my mom being more fashionable than I am?

I'm not going to think about it.

While she's here, I think we're going to hit up 7th hill pizza or 2 Amy's, sneak in a little Shenandoah action, shop in Georgetown . . . pretty much everything we couldn't do last time she came because it was too freezing to leave the house.


  1. Ha! I love what she is bringing. I hope it's still good!

  2. Could someone please bring me some Cafe Rio? Thanks.

  3. hope your having fun with your mom! i have long given up that my mom has better style then me however i was the one that helped her during the 90's so a nice pat on the back to me ;)