Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gtown Cupcake twice and thrice

We went to Georgetown Cupcake again. And again.

First Sam, Bria, and I went a couple weeks ago on a dull Wednesday afternoon. The traffic was awful, and Bria was whining and complaining because she wanted ice cream, not cupcakes-- until she got her chocolate squared.
Then, in her words: "I'm happy now!"
And then Elisa and Matt came for the weekend, so we had to take them, of course. And it was soooo good. I had my own strawberry cupcake (which I thought was ok, but Sam almost died he thought it was so delicious), and I ate half of Bria's vanilla squared AND half of Whitney's vanilla birthday cupcake. Those vanillas are where it's at, my friends. Why do people ever use vanilla to describe something as plain? Seriously, so wrong.

Just you wait, because there's so much more to tell from Matt and Elisa's visit. I think all we did was eat. I did end up super sick one night from all our indulgent meals, but it was soooo worth it.

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